Reporting from the European Parliament in Strasbourg

Last May I took part in the European Youth Media Days, a convention for young journalists from  the European Union that covered 5 main topics: ‘War and peace’, ‘Stagnation or innovation’, ‘Apathy or participation’, ‘Exclusion or access’ and ‘Collapse or success’.

Maria Kroustali and I were in charge of reporting the opening conference. The conclusion was that dialogue is the first step to solve EU problems. Here is my script and Maria’s voice-over.

This one is the second report we elaborated. It was about the refugees’ situation when arriving in Europe.  This work shows how difficult is solving a problem when the most of the members of the European Community refuse acomplishing the quotes established by the agreement. This time, both script and voice-over were done by the whole team.

After two busy days all the reports undertaken in the radio workshop were broadcasted in a final show, where we were honoured by the presence of Maraid McGuinnes, Vicepresident of the European Parliament

This experience was very enriching for me as for my colleagues. I hope that kind of iniciatives could help building a better Europe.

Mònica Marhuenda @miramiralls

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